Monday 31 March 2014, 6pm, Action Zone, National Media Museum

Richard Jobson is one of the most fascinating and innovative contemporary British film directors. Jobson began his career as singer with angular New Wave group The Skids. He then became interested in art and formed the experimental rock group The Armoury Show. Jobson became fascinated by the cinematic and made records of poetic/filmic soundscapes for the cult Belgian record label Les Disques Du Crépuscule, inspired by the writings and films of Marguerite Duras. His first feature 16 Years of Alcohol (2003), was a cult hit. Based on his novel of the same name, it told the harrowing story of a violent, dysfunctional upbringing tinged with the hope of redemption.

More recently he has explored the haunting nature of military conflict in The Somnambulists (2012) and the fictional world of the ghost story with A Woman in Winter (2006). In this talk he will discuss his career and his recent experiments with innovative new film technologies.
How to book

Tickets are free but you must book in advance by calling the museum Box Office team 0844 856 3797 or email filmeducation@nationalmediamuseum.org.uk

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