The history of film is now haunted. As the films of the first century disappear, we are left with celluloid ghosts.


Wednesday 17 April, 10am – 5pm, National Media Museum

The spectres of Marx. Why this plural? Would there be more than one of them?” (Jacques Derrida)

‘Hauntology: 20 Years On’ is a one-day symposium organised to mark 20 years since the publication of Jacques Derrida’s ‘Spectres of Marx’. Hauntology defies easy description but embodies the idea of the ‘past inside the present’ and the border between nostalgia and the enigmatic remoteness of real or constructed pasts.

This event is part of the  19th Bradford International Film Festival


The keynote speaker will be cultural theorist Mark Fisher, editor of the ‘Capitalist Realism’, the K-Punk blog and author of ‘Ghosts of My Life’ a forthcoming book on hauntology.

Papers include:

The Haunted Remake: Film of the Same Name

The Hallucinatory real of the photograph after the post-continental turn

“‘Maintaining the Spectres’: the Radical Possibilities of Electronic Voice Phenomena Recordings”

Hauntology and the Archive

The symposium will be accompanied by screenings of ‘hauntological’ films including:

Dir. Bill Morrison, USA 2003

Dir. Chris Marker, France 1983

(Le songe des chevaux sauvages)
Dir. Denys Colomb Daunant, France 1960

Dir. Peter Sasdy, UK 1972

This is a FREE EVENT but with limited places so please reserve a space by contacting Mark Goodall (m.goodall@bradford.ac.uk)

TIMECODE is a seminar series in media. Run by the Communication Culture and Media research group in the Bradford Media School, School of Computing Informatics and Media (SCIM), this regular seminar series explores the increasingly important relationship between media, technology, culture and society.

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2 Comments on “HAUNTOLOGY”

  1. Manya Donaque Says:

    what a shame I had to teach all day…! I missed it!!!! really wanted to attend

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