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January 7, 2013


Trevor Wishart


Wednesday 23 January 2013, 6pm, On Location, National Media Museum

‘The Music of Human Speech’


What are the musical properties of spoken language and how can we use the computer to tease out these musical features and use them to create musical works? Trevor Wishart will talk about “Globalalia” (using syllables from the worlds’ languages), “The Division of Labour” (using a text from Adam Smith) and, especially, the recently completed “Encounters in the Republic of Heaven” (capturing the melody, rhythm and sonority of spoken phrases across an entire speech community in the North East of England, in a sound-surround environment) from both a musical and technical point of view.


TREVOR WISHART is a composer and performer specialising in sound metamorphosis and constructing the software tools to make it possible. He has lived and worked in Australia, Canada, Germany, Holland, Sweden, and the USA but spends most of his time in Yorkshire, where he was born. His aesthetic and technical ideas are described in the books On Sonic Art, Audible Design and Sound Composition (2012). He is also involved in community, environmental and educational projects. His Sounds Fun books of musical games having been republished in Japanese. He was recently awarded the Giga-Herz Grand prize for his life’s work.


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