TIMECODE David Vorhaus/White Noise

White Noise

White Noise.Date: 13-December-2012
Time: 15:00
Location: Leeds College of Music
Speaker: David Vorhaus


David Vorhaus is a pioneer of electronic music. Born in America, he originally studied physics and electronics and worked as a classical bass player with symphony orchestras. In the late 1960s he met Brian Hodgson and Delia Derbyshire from the legendary BBC Radiophonic Workshop, forming the highly regarded electronic rock group White Noise.

As a major experimental musician of this time, Vorhaus built his own instruments including early synthesizers, sequencers and the Kaleidophon, a double-bass-like instrument using four home-made ribbon controllers instead of strings. David Vorhaus has written music for many high-profile TV commercials and themes and film scores (including the sci-fi classic Phase IV). He still performs live under the White Noise mantle. A true musical innovator, David Vorhaus’ thoughts on music, technology and sound design are both pertinent and inspiring.

Additional information wil be available over the forthcoming weeks at http://postgraduate.lcm.ac.uk/leeds-international-festival-innovations-music-production-and-composition

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