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Change Spaces – Conflict, Art and Media Installation

May 10, 2012

How does conflict feel? What choices do we have to make? What changed? What change is needed?

The University of Bradford’s Gallery II space will next week feature a new commission developed in collaboration with CCM’s David Robison a Lecturer at Bradford Media School (new media and narrative) and Lisa Cumming (Programme for a Peaceful City, School of Social and International Studies) who have both collaborated substantially on the research phase of what will be an exciting exhibit.

The artist Sorrel Muggridge draws on ideas gathered and developed during a period of innovatie research – where media theory, conflict resolution and academic underpinnings combine with more visceral approaches to create an experimental, interactive installation which responds to the experience of being involved in conflict situations and change.

Change Spaces - Gallery II

Interactive Exhbition

Sorrel is using the dynamic processes involved in rope making as a metaphor for the experience of peace building and conflict transformation.

You are invited to take part in this process.

Sorrel Muggridge, currently based in Norfolk, UK, has worked professionally in a wide variety of spaces, from shopping centres to seashores, from theatres to galleries. Most of her work is site-specific. Her artistic process often begins with cartography and artistic response. Her installations have a map like aesthetic, capturing the movements and interactions of people as they use a space.

This project continues a Gallery II programming thread around art, research and activism which has included exhibitions of work by Punch Records (Protest: Fight The Power, Feb 2011), Cyril Mount (Ruffling Feathers, March 2011), Graham Martin (The Revolution is Healing, June 2011) and Dr Ruth Bartlett (No Limits, Re-imagining Life with Dementia, Sept 2011).


This is an exciting and experimental arts project commissioned by Gallery II and in collaboration with academics from the Peace Studies department and Bradford Media School, here at the University of Bradford.