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TIMECODE- Dialectics of Liberation

February 28, 2012

Martin Levy
(Independent Researcher)

‘Out of Sight: Anatomy of Violence and the Congress on the Dialectics of Liberation’

Wednesday 14 March 2012, 6pm, On Location, National Media Museum

The Congress on the Dialectics of Liberation took place in London during the summer of 1967 against a background of rising student agitation. Organised by the American Joe Berke and his colleagues in the Institute of Phenomenological Studies, it was a bold attempt to ‘demystify violence in all its forms, the social systems from which it emanates, and to explore new forms of action.’

The congress emerged out of Berke’s involvement with the free universities movement in the United States and his engagement with R.D. Laing’s anti-psychiatry.

In this seminar, Martin Levy will introduce a rare screening of Peter Davis’ documentary about the congress, Anatomy of Violence, and discuss the congress’s significance. What did it achieve? What relevance does it have for young people today?

Martin Levy has authored three books, including Love and Madness, a study of an eighteenth-century crime of passion. Presently he is completing a book about the congress, provisionally titled Out of Sight: Joe Berke and the Congress on the Dialectics of Liberation.