Culture, Capital and Representation

Cover of Culture, Capital and Representation

Ben Roberts, a member of the CCM group, has contributed an essay to a new book from Palgrave Macmillan: Culture, Capital and Representation, edited by Robert Balfour.

Culture, Capital and Representation explores how literature, cultural studies and the visual arts represent, interact with, and produce ideas about capital, whether in its early phases (the growth of stock markets) or in its late phase (global speculative capital). Authors in the volume are concerned with the representation of issues such as speculation, displacement, exploitation, capital growth, the decline of the welfare state, and the growth of surplus migrant populations. The contributions range over three centuries and attempt to trace issues arising from the dominance of capitalism, the primary means by which we understand our work, organize economies, and ascribe value to people and money, depending on their location within the capitalist system.

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