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October 22, 2009

The Black Page in Tristram Shandy

Laurence Sterne and the world of hypertext

Wednesday 4th November, 6pm. ADMISSION FREE. ON LOCATION, National Media Museum

The Life and Opinions of Tristam Shandy is one of the great works of English literature. In this illustrated talk Patrick Wildgust, the curator of ‘Shandy Hall’- Sterne’s former house and now a museum to his life and works- discusses Sterne’s legacy in relation to new media. The talk will promote the radical nature of Sterne’s work, will review the various interpretations of his art and assess his place in 21st century culture.

Patrick Wildgust is the curator of Shandy Hall. His job is to look after the house and its collection of books, prints and paintings that refer to Laurence Sterne. Through exhibitions, lectures, teaching and consultancy Patrick promotes Sterne’s Writings in any way that he can. He was an adviser on Michael Winterbottom’s film about Laurence Sterne, A Cock and Bull Story.

A Seminar in Media

Run by the Communications, Cultural and Media Studies research group in the School of Computing, Informatics and Media at the University of Bradford, this regular seminar series explores the increasingly important relationship between media, technology, culture and society.

For further information please contact Dr Mark Goodall (

Malcolm Lowry

October 2, 2009


CCM member Dr Mark Goodall is working on the festival to celebrate the birth centenary of the British writer Malcolm Lowry. Goodall is included in a new book on Lowry: Malcolm Lowry: from the Mersey to the World (LUP)

Lowry cover

The festival, run by the Bluecoat in Liverpool, includes a major exhibition, film screenings, talks and a psychogeographical walk (hosted by Mark Goodall and Ian Hunter)¬†around ‘Lowry’s Liverpool’ on the day of the dead.

Details of the festival are here: